Letter #1

Image of a type-written letter. Text below.

My dearest Clara,

I fear I have failed in my quest. The old house is abandoned, and the locals say that uncle Derek has not been seen in months. I managed to find a few old photos of him with mum tucked behind an old desk. I’ve included those with this letter. Please put them with the others.

I did get a small clue about an old hut on an island not far from here, but the old woman who gave it to me left me less than assured that I will find more than sand and driftwood. Have you heard anything new regarding the necklace? I fear it may now be our only hope.

Time is running out. Please contact me immediately if any news surfaces that may help our cause. Ihad hoped that it wouldnt end like this, but I have little faith left in a positive outcome.

Give my regards to Tom.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. The goats were in the field again yesterday.