Letter #3

Image of a type-written letter, the text of which is below. At the bottom of the letter is a small corner of a diagram that appears to have some sort of rune-ish markings upon it.

Dear sister,

It is worse than I have dared to fear up to this point. I have investiaged the hut I spoke about previously, and what I discovered chills my blood still. In the dark corner of this old hut, half covered in sand I discoverd the decayed remains of our late uncle.

It was… difficult to identify him, but I have no doubt now. His shoes were the same as they ever were, made and marked by good John Huss on 57th street. But his shoes didn’t give me pause. Rather, it was the knife in his back that Ifear may be seeking us next.

In our dear uncles hand remained a piece of parchment torn from a larger document that I believe to be the one we seek. I have not yet discerned if another copy exists, though I suspect one does. Those who seek the same end as us will need this piece that is now in my possession in order to find their way.

Clara, concerning as this development is, I believe it is a sign that we are close to our goal. I have sketched the piece I found with our uncle below. Perhaps you are able to make sense of it.

Please mind yourself, and keep safe. Those seeking it have already killed to obtain it, so it would seem. They may be willing to do so again.

If you are able to make sense of the diagrams, please write at once. I will now put my full energies toward finding our uncle’s killers and claiming once more what is rightfully ours.