Letter #4

Image of a type-written letter, the text of which is below.


Even as I type this my hands are still trembling with the news of your last letter. I have found myself so overwhelmed by the weight of it that I still have not broken the news to another soul. I have hid my tears, which have been frequent.

A part of my shares your enthusiasm for the proximity of our goal, but never did I think the cost would be so high. I fear little of my own safety. I trust the fates, and there is little about me to draw attention. You, however, are in the thick of it. Keep your wits, my brother, as I know you will.

Tom was intrigued by the diagram in your letter. He recognized some of the symbols as ancient runes. Upon consultation of an old text he has determined the presence of the following meanings: water, reed, oak, and riches.

The implications seem clear, but without the rest of the diagram we are left wondering about the most important detail: the location. Let us hope this information did not pass away with our uncle.



P.S. Have you seen the goats recently?