Letter #6

Image of a type-written letter, the text of which is below.

My dear Clara,

I have arrived at the old house safe in body, if not in mind. I found it necessary to leave the house on coast immediately, for reasons that I will now make clear.

Two nights ago I was returning to the house atter taking my usual walk on the beach. I was deep in thought as I returned, and it wasnt until I was but a few paces from the back door when I saw a dark figure in the back room, rummaging through the desk. From my vantage point looking through the window it was clearly a large man, but I could make out no other features. I crept slowly across the path and hid myself i n the bushes. I dared not instigate a confrontation with such a figure this far from the nearest help, so I was left with no option but to watch helplessly as he dumped out the contents of each drawer. He took nothing, not even the money I keep in the bottom.

It was shortly after he emptied the last drawer when a dog began barking and he abruptly left. He exited swiftly and silently through the back door, inches from my hiding place. As he passed my I was unable to see his face, but I did see clearly a tattoo on his left calf: a turtle with a seven-pointed star on its shell.

Immediately I went inside, locked the door, and investigated the house. Nothing was disturbed but the desk, and I could find nothing missing. Even the coins were left undisturbed atop the desk. Once I’d rechecked the house and confirmed everything else was in order I emptied my closet into the suitcase and went to the docks. Along the way I stopped at old Henry’s and gave him a note to send to you immediately in the morning, which I trust he di d. I was on the next ferry back to Road Town, and safe in bed here not much past midnight.

It is clear to me that we have come within a cat’s whisker of our downfall. It is with great relief that I can tell you that I have kept the diagram with me at all times since it was discovered. Yet my fears have been confirmed: others are after it as well. Who they are, and how much they already know, I cannot yet surmise.

Tomorrow I intend to begin an investigation into the symbol of the turtle and star. Perhaps that will point the way to our adversaries.

Have you any more news about the runes? I have not been able to make sense of the diagram fragment, even in light of the clues Tom provided.

I am vexed, but feel much safer here in town.

I hope to hear from you soon, dear sister.