Letter #7

Image of a type-written letter, the text of which is below.

Dear Andrew,

News of your safety has lifted my spirits, though I must admit that your harrowing ordeal makes me shudder. The thought of losing you, and so soon after our uncle, i s more than I dare to consider.

I have broken the news about Derek to Mum, but she shows no indication of having truly comprehended it . When I broke the news to her she spoke at length about him, as though they were both still school children just returned home from a term at Glendelton. She is not often “present” at all these days, sadly.

I shared the news of your robber with Tom. When I told him about the tattoo he scowled and went off to his study. He has been deep in study ever since. I think he found it familiar. I will write immediately if he discovers anything.

I have pondered the runes incessantly the past several days, but have discerned nothing new. Yet, I feel as though new clarity Is close at hand, as though the dark will be lifted if only I can find the switch.

Take care, dear brother.