Letter #12

Image of a type-written letter, the text of which is below.

Dear Andrew,

This afternoon Tom and I set off on an adventure. I t was yesterday evening that I had an epiphany regarding the piece of parchment you recovered from the body. I conferred with Tom and he agreed: the portion of that drawing is a map of an area along the River Ouse, near Southerham. I recognized i t after seeing a map in the paper this morning about an upcoming festival.

It isn’t far, and we arrived about two i n the afternoon. One of the symbols was of particular interest cio us, and we went there first. The symbol translates to "riches", and i t wasn’t long before we located the spot. Tom, being clear minded, had brough a shovel, and began to dig. He dug in several spots for the better part of an hour before his tool came to rest against a wooden box. Once excavated, we anxiously opened the crate. Peering inside, we found only one item: a piece of parchment written in our uncle’s hand. It said:

I should have known that I would be betrayed. My anger 
is only exceeded by my relief at having found this treasure 
unplundered. It seems I will now have to keep these secrets 
to myself, perhaps even to the grave. 

Give my regards to the Bandit. And tell him he is not 
likely to be so lucky ever again. 

So now, I wonder: why was this map with our poor uncle? Had he found a betrayer? I f he knew this location was no longer secret, why didn’t he inform us?

Alas, with the empty box this trail seems to have gone cold. Have you any news that could lift our spirits in this matter?