Letter #13

Image of a type-written letter, the text of which is below.

Dear Clara,

Your tale of discovery is a delight to my ears! Far from going cold, I believe our trail glows hot again. I have spoken to many individuals, of various reputation, across this town. The name “Bandit” has been uttered many times in these intervi ews. It seems that while his name is known widely, his face (and whereabouts) remain privileged. Now that I can have confidence that I am on the right trail I will increase the urgency of my inquiries.

Young officer Drewery paid a visit again this afternoon. He said that while the police had not yet discovered a body, some personal effects of his had been located. He refused to give me any details regarding the nature of the find, but assured me he would deliver them to me as soon as they had been observed for clues or foul play. I have not come across anything that would leave me to believe our uncle had anything stolen or lost, so I have no guess as to what the officers might have found. You can be assured that I will share the details with you whence I acquire them myself.