Letter #14

Image of a type-written letter, the text of which is below.

Dear Clara,

Yesterday at half past three o’clock in the afternoon Officer Drewery knocked on the door. Over a cup of tea he shared with me the status of the investigation. Currently the department has few, if any, leads worth following. They have not found a body, though they have looked far and wide. He told me that unless a new development arises soon they will be forced to close the investigation for lack of evidence. Then, he presented me with a small bag that he said was turned in anonymously. Inside the flap is a bag with Derek’s name and address.

Inside the bag were three items:

  • A brass compass
  • A small , velvet-lined wooden box, empty.
  • A blank piece of parchment, folded into thirds.

The officer asked me if I could discern any meaning from the items. I assured him that I could not, and he left. That I cannot discern any meaning from these items is absolutely true. I cannot fathom their purpose nor why he would have had these objects with him. Perhaps they were taken and then returned by the theif in a fit of remorse?

I will continue to ponder over these things, but I have not been encouraged by their revealing in the way I had hoped. It seems our search continues.