Letter #18

Image of a type-written letter, the text of which is below.

Dear Clara,

A most curious occasion arose this afternoon as I sat in my favorite cafe. I was at my usual table at about three o’clock when a woman approached me. She introduced herself as Bernadette Moynihan and asked if she could sit down. She then proceeded to explain that she had been a friend of our uncles, and offered her condolances on his passing. Not wanting to give away my sucpicion, I accepted her sympathy with gratitude, whereupon she continued. She said that it had been several years since she last spoke with Derek, and that things had soured between them. But she said that one regret she had was not returning to seek a small bag she had left behind with a few eclectic items in it. She wondered if anything resembling such an item had been recovered from his estate. I offered her my sympathies at losing such a valuable item, and assured her that if such a bag was found I would call on her promptly. She thanked me, and left .

Clearly her feint has been revealed, as no one but us knows that uncle Derek is actually deceased! I am most wary, and I know now in my bones that the secret lies in these artifacts, if only we can decipher them.

I just hope we can do so before these others realize what is in our hands.