Letter #33

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St. John’s College Receives Unexpected Windfall

The dean of St. John’s College, in Brighton, was delighted this week by the surprise donation of £97,000,000 by the estate of the late Clara Hornsbury Wittingham. Mrs. Wittingham passed away several months ago, but it has taken her estate some time to process her will.

Mr. Dennis Rockford, her estate manager, delivered the following statement on behalf of Mrs. Wittingham, prepared before she passed: “Though I never attended college, my dear brother Andrew attended St. Johns, and they were the happiest days of his life. The money I give was paid for by his life. I would have given it all to have him back.”

Mrs. Wittingham’s brother died in suspicious circumstances in 1928, though no foul play was ever found.

Neighbors were surprised to find that Mrs. Wittingham had such a fortune to give. She was said to be anything but opulent, living out her life in a small cottage in Southerham.